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Vascular Surgery of Tasmania is the company name of Clinical Associate Professor Stuart Walker, Specialist Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon. He trained in vascular and endovascular surgery in the UK and now works solely in Tasmania, Australia. This website contains information and links on advice and treatment provided by Stuart Walker. This includes the full spectrum of peripheral vascular disorders. The commonest conditions treated are varicose veins, intermittent claudication, aneurysms (abdominal, popliteal), critical limb ischaemia (arm and leg), carotid artery disease and leg ulcers. More information on these common conditions can be found under the vascular conditions tab.

Most conditions are amenable to minimally invasive treatment, a particular area of interest to Stuart Walker. These types of intervention have many advantages to patients including shorter operative times, reduced hospital length of stay and reduced convalescence time.

Stuart Walker treats both public and private patients at the Royal Hobart Hospital, Mersey Community Hospital and the Launceston General Hospital. Private patients can also be seen at the Calvary Consulting Suites in Hobart and at the North West Private Hospital in Burnie. For details on referral information and appointments, please see the appointments page. For contact details of any of these sites please see the contacts page.

Legal Disclaimer.
The medical information provided on this website is intended as a summary of medical information about specific vascular conditions and available treatments. The use of this site is not intended to create a doctor patient relationship or provide a substitute for medical advice on the diagnosis and treatment of vascular conditions. Any patient requiring medical advice or treatment must contact their general practitioner and seek appropriate referral. While Vascular Surgery of Tasmania takes every precaution to ensure the currency and accuracy of all medical information on the website, Vascular Surgery of Tasmania does not offer any warranties as to the currency of information on this site or any third party link shown on this website. Vascular Surgery of Tasmania is not responsible for any loss or damage, including consequential loss, suffered in connection with reliance of information obtained from this website or the reliance of any information provided from any third party link accessible from this website.

HomeAppointments and contactsStuart Walker CVVascular ConditionsWhat it all costs?